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Multi-Protocol Industrial IoT Gateway

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Every IoT Company may need hardware to collect data from data-points, this hardware would consist of Sensor Nodes, Basic Gateway (Protocol Converter), IOT Gateway with Data processing capability or Edge Computing Gateway with AI/ML Hardware Engines so-called TPU/VPU/GPU. RuggedBoard being one of the industrial open source SBC, it is a suitable and robust selection for the usage in multi-protocol Gateway.

Basic IoT Gateway (Protocol Converter) are mainly build using MCU & have RTOS or bare-metal firmware, these are meant for data collections from the nodes and forwarding to the cloud.

IOT Gateway with Data Processing are build using MPU’s mostly with Embedded Linux OS and brings in lot of function other than data forwarding some of the important functions are Sensor Node Management, Temp Local data storage, data processing and control, Security, User interface for local data visualisation using tiny web-server.

Edge Computing Gateways are build using high end processors and they also have AI/ML Hardware Engines so called TPU/VPU/GPU these are mainly meant to offload the cloud computing offline. The AI/ML models could be trained in the cloud server which are then updated to this Edge Computing Gateways making them more capable with newly learned skills to analyse the data make the decision locally.

RuggedBOARD team after launch of our Open Source SBC, now happy to announce our Open API Multi-protocol Industrial IoT Gateway which can be used in various domains like Industrial Automation, Transportation, Energy, Medical, Smart Cities & Agri-Tech.

Specific Applications

  • BLE gateway

  • LoRa Gateway

  • Modbus Gateway

  • Soft PLC

  • OPC UA Gateway

  • LTE 4G Gateway

  • 5G Gateway

  • Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

  • Data Concentration Unit (DCU)

  • Data logger

  • Building Automation

  • Connected Vehicle

  • Vehicle Diagnostics

  • Vehicle Telematics

  • Process Control

  • Security / Access Control

  • Traffic Management

  • Point of Sale

  • Oil / Gas Application

  • Wind Power Automation

  • Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

  • Medical & Healthcare

  • Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)

  • Asset Management / Tracking

  • Fleet Management

  • Vending / Kiosks


We provide full hardware & software customization services based on specific needs of the customer such as additional interfaces, wireless connectivity, stacks, housing ... 


RuggedBoard will provide a complimentary project DEMO that consists of individual consultation with experts, on Multiprotocol Industrial IoT Gateway


Download Broucher

Download PDF • 956KB

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