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Industrial Training Program 

A Complete Hands-On training program on


With the dawn of a new era, companies need access to real-time operational data via connected machines to be smarter and efficient. To be competitive in the world market, the manufacturing sector needs to be Industry 4.0 ready, and move towards additive manufacturing.

Bootcamp training on IIoT - generate data for AI/ML

Short training Introducing

"Skill INDIA" Program

Duration: 2 Days

Skill INDIA Program ( IIoT base for AI/ML )

With a goal of producing 100K IoT engineers in INDIA with a short time span of 36 Months, to enable Digital INDIA and increase entrepreneurship.  

Duration: 12 Weeks

Centre Of Excellence - IIoT  & AI/ML

Universities & Training Institutes building center for Skill INDIA Program, by training the Faculties & Trainers  

Duration: 1 Year

Employee Upgrade Program ( IIoT base for AI/ML )

IIoT Product development program to build IoT team in company 

Duration: 1 Week

Faculty Development Program ( IIoT base for AI/ML )

Skill upgrade program for the Faculties, enabling them to train the students with advance technologies and build solution using IIoT

Duration: 1 Weeks