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Technical Session: Learn Linux BSP Upgrade on ARM Hardware

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

After first release of RuggedBOARD-A5D2x BSP Linux Kernel-4.9 our team would be working on upgrading the BSP with Linux Kernel-5.4 and happy to teach our partners the same, so that they can build their own custom Boards and BSP for their upcoming products.

Embedded Linux ARM Hardware Board
Embedded Linux ARM Hardware Board

RB-Technical Sessions are series of workshops conducted mostly on every Saturday 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Where our developers share their work and also involve the interested developers to develop and contribute their work on RuggedBOARD Linux BSP.

What you learn:

- Modifications in Bootstrap Loader

- Modifications in U-Boot Bootloader

- Modifications in Linux Kernel

- Modifications in yocto

- How to add support of different devices like Wifi, BLE, 4G Module, Sensors etc ..

- How to add IoT stacks in yocto

Targeted participants are the developers involved in Embedded Linux Product Engineering, with Hardware design, BSP Development, Stack Development, Yocto Customization & Application Developers with basic knowledge of Linux Environment.

Workshop Fees: Free for the Open Innovation Lab Members






Customization of Kernel -1


Customization of Kernel -2

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