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RuggedBoard Launches $48 Industrial SBC with ATMEL SAMA5D27 SoC (ARM Cortex-A5 @500MHz)

Updated: Oct 29, 2020


RuggedBoard is an Open Source Hardware & Software initiative to align with the fast-growing semiconductor technologies, with a switch from classic to modern product development strategy & process. The usage of System On Module over a System On Chip is the rapid way to achieve time to market, curtail development risks for product quantities ranging from a few hundred to thousands. RuggedBoard is targeted to combine the Open Source Community strength with Industrial-Grade SOM and initiated its first Open Source Hardware "RuggedBoard-A5D2x" which is powered by phyCORE-A5D2x SOM with Microchip SAMA5D2x SoC, Cortex-A5 Core @500 MHz.


Atmel SAMA5D2 ARM Cortex-A5 SoC was unveiled by Microchip Technology keeping lower power consumption for low power IoT applications. PHYTEC has developed System On Module phyCORE-A5D2x having 64MB of DDR RAM and 32MB of NOR flash, Ethernet & PMIC on board. For rapid prototyping and to be used directly in Industrial IoT and various other verticals. RuggedBoard team has developed the open-source SBC RuggedBoard-A5D2x having the soldered down connection between the SOM and the baseboard. RuggedBoard-A5D2x is a feature-rich and low-cost Single Board Computer for Industrial usage. The board also has variants with WiFi or eMMC.

Multiple Interfaces for “Industrial Field Devices” such as Ethernet, RS232, CAN, RS485, Digital Input and Digital Output with optically isolated, Standard MikroBUS header for Add-On Sensors, Actuators and Multiple Wireless Modules such as ZigBee, LoRa, Bluetooth etc. mPCIe connector with USB interface used for Cloud Connectivity modules 3G, 4G, NB-IoT, WiFi. Expansion header for GPIO, UART, I2C, SPI, PWR to extend the Hardware functions on Daughterboard.

  • Off-the-Shelf Single Board Computer for IIoT

  • Freedom to modify Schematics and layout sources of the SBC

  • A proven process for Prototyping till Mass Manufacturing

  • Feature-rich & Highly cost-optimized platform

  • Simple & Powerful Open Source IoT Software Stack know more..

Specific Applications

Industrial IoT Gateway, DataLoggers, DCU ( Data Concentrations Units), RTU (Remote Terminal Units), IoT Protocol Converters Unit (RS232, RS485 to Ethernet / WiFi ), IO Controllers used in Industrial IoT, eMobility/Transportation, Smartcity, AgriTech, Clean Energy Segments.

How to Order:

Indian Customers can place an online order from RuggedBOARD website click here... RuggedBOARD currently expanding it's online channel partners such that international customers can buy from DigiKey, Mouser, Element14.

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B Vasu Dev
B Vasu Dev
27 oct. 2020

Our team would be happy to get your feedback & review comments on RuggedBOARD

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