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RB Sensor Shield 1A

RB Sensor Shield 1A


Name:    MikroBus Sensor Board

MikroBUS Sensor Sheild having Multiple Sensing Cabilities


Integrated Sensors:

- Accelerometer, Gyroscope (EMBEDDED Temperature Sensor), 6 Axis
- Combi Module - Humidity and Pressure Sensors
- Digital Temperature Sensor

  • Name:    MikroBus Sensor Board
    PCB Number:    PIAB-1061-A0
    Indication LED:    Power ON LED Indiction
    Description:   Accelerometer, Gyroscope (eMBEDDED Temperature Sensor), 6 Axis:
    IC part:    LSM6DSLTR
    Interface to Processor:    I2C
    Operating Temperature:    -40°C ~ 85°C
    Description:    Combi Module - Humidity and Pressure Sensors
    IC part:    BME280
    Interface to Processor:    I2C slave interface (Default) and SPI as Interface 2nd option
    Operating Temperature:    -40°C ~ 85°C
    Description:    Digital Temperature Sensor
    IC part:    MCP9808T-E/MS
    Interface to Processor:    I2C slave interface (Default)
    Operating Temperature:    -40°C ~ 125°C