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Upskill Program- Embedded Linux Engineering

Updated: May 27, 2022

A unique Upskill program for Embedded Engineers to transform their skills to Embedded Linux Development, learn from industry Gurus in short period of two months and get assured job guidance in Embedded Linux as Application Developer / Stack Developer / BSP Developer.

What you learn ?

  1. Linux Internals: extend your c / embedded c expertise with OS system calls, parallel programming using process & threads, inter-process communication, file-system, memory management, signals, scheduler, IPC & socket programming.

  2. Linux Porting: Move from x86 to ARM embedded hardware, learn all about customizing Linux OS (toolchain, bootloader, kernel & RFS) for custom hardware.

  3. Device Drivers: How device drivers differs from a bare-metal hardware to Linux hardware, learn about Linux kernel device driver framework, platform data, platform device, platform driver & different bus subsystems like GPIO, I2C, SPI, Input, SDIO, Network, USB & Display to develop custom BSP for a custom board.

  4. Yocto: Much more than a build system Yocto provides a complete solution to build your custom Linux OS and maintain the packages for your custom hardware & application. Learn all about Yocto Architecture, Receipes & Layers, Adding new Hardware support in Yocto using BSP Layers, building Custom Distribution & Images, Yocto SDK for Application Development.

Download full contents hear...

Download PDF • 706KB

Training Highlights:

o Learn through Practical’s.

o Work on Latest ARM Cortex Processors A5/A7/A8/A9/A15/A17/35/53/55/72

o Open Source Projects Development

o Assured Post Training Support

o Unlimited Access to the Hardware Boards vLAB

o Lifetime access to our LMS eLinux Module

o Bi-Weekly Interaction with Industry Guru’s

Post Learning ?

Work on Open source project with our developers/customers, to build your Embedded Linux profile leading to your new Embedded Linux Job/Project. Also get dedicated mentor to get guide for your Embedded Linux Project by registering our "eLinux Club".

Download PDF • 706KB

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