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Automotive Tech Safe drive using RuggedBoard

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Automotive electronics are electronic systems used in vehicles, including engine management, ignition, radio, in car entertainment devices and others. Ignition, engine, and transmission electronics are also uses in trucks, motorcycle, off-road vehicles and others system vehicle such as tractors. Related elements for control of relevant electrical system are found in electric cars as well. In this system it uses for different kinds of automotive fields in vehicles. Some are of different paths which are easily finds a ways to get solutions, by adopting this type of technologies in vehicles makes a better features in auto industry, day by day technology is growing with a particular referral of vehicles. The earliest electronic systems as factory installations like vacuum tube car radios, development electronically controlled ignition and fuel injection system. In functions such as engine management, transmission control, climate control, navigation anti-lock braking, passive safety systems and other functional types

  • Engine electronics

  • Transmission electronics

  • Driver assistance

  • Passenger comfort

  • Chassis electronics

  • Entertainment systems

  • Passive safety

These type of systems which are in vehicles type of technology enhance the performance of the required vehicle operations. Which are of mainly the shifting of the gears for better shift comfort and to lower torque interrupt while shifting. Automatic transmission use controls for their operation, and many semi-auto transmission. The engine transmission controls differs in two category those are automatic transmission and manual transmission.

Side view of vehicle

Block diagram

The block diagram of safe drive automotive using rugged board is as shown in above. The rugged board is used to get values from different sensors which are connected to it. In previous days it was also one of the simplest, brakes work as hard or harder than any other part of the car , however much energy it takes to get your car up a hill, it takes at least as much energy to stop it at the down. The brake system converts the kinetic energy of vehicle motion heat. The typical brake system consists of disc brakes in front and either disc or drum brakes in the rear connected by a system of tubes and hoses that link the brake at each wheel to the master cylinder, in the master cylinder which forces hydraulic oil through a series of tubes and hoses to the braking unit at each wheel. Electronic traction control has been developed as a supplement to ABS. This control system prevents the wheels from spinning when moving off or when accelerating sharply while on the move. In this way, an individual wheel, which is spinning is braked in a controlled manner. If both or all the wheels are spinning, the drive torque is reduced by means of an engine control function.

Few advantages of abs

It allows the driver to maintain directional stability and control over steering during braking.

Safe and effective.

Automatically changes the brake fluid pressure at each wheel to maintain optimum brake performance.

Steering system is one of the major automotive subsystems required for operation of the car, provides the driver control of the path car over the ground. Steering functions by rotating the place of the front wheels in the desired directions of the turn, the angle between the front wheel plane and the longitudinal axis of the car is known as steering angle.This angle is proportional to the rotation angle of the steering wheel. In relatively large cars, a power steering is added.

The engine in an automobile provides all the power for moving the automobile, for the hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and for the electrical system.

 Performance based on rugged board is easier to communicate with external peripherals based on their requirements.

 Freedom to modify Schematics and layout sources of the Carrier board & Sensor modules  Proven process for Prototyping till Mass Manufacturing

 Feature rich & Highly cost optimized platform

 Simple & Powerful Open Source Software IoT Stack

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