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IoT Product Development Workshop

Universities & Training Institutes are the building centres for Skill INDIA Program by training their Faculties & Trainers. With the dawn of a new era, Smarter and Efficient companies need access to realtime operational data via connected machines. To be competitive in the world market, the manufacturing sector needs Industry 4.0 ready solutions, and move towards additive manufacturing. For automating, manufacturing segment requires end-to-end knowledge of embedded systems, mobile applications and cloud computing.


"Center of Excellence" training program Introduces "Skill INDIA" Program to the upcoming Engineers of our nation by training them over a period of 3 to 6 months under "Industrial Product development training program."

Duration: 2 to 5days

support: lifetime

training contents

Day – 1/1

  • Introduction to Internet of Things

  • Applications of IoT in various verticales

  • IoT Archetechure and building blocks

  • How to build IoT – Product

  • Hardware /Software requirements of IoT Product Development

  • IoT – Wireless Network protocols


  • Introduction to OpenSource platform

  • Working with linux-commands

  • Basic Applicaiton devlopment & test

  • Introduction to Gateway (RuggedBoard)

  • On-Board Pheriperals usage (sysfs)


  • Basic Application Testing on Gateway

  • Introducton to MRAA and UPM

  • Woking with GPIO (operate any I/O).

  • Instroduction to Sensors/Actuators(Temp,humidity,Accelero,Motors.etc)

  • Integrating Sensors with C/python .


  • Reading environmental physical values in Gateway.


  • Time to get Hands-on:Build IoT Application using RB.


  • Introduction to IoT cloud platforms and API’s

  • IoT – Protocols : HTTP,CoAP,MQTT,BLE,6LowPAN

  • Data communication Nodes & cloud

  • MQTT – Client & server Communication with RB.

Day -3/2

  • Introduction AWS Cloud platform and API’s

  • Upload sensor data to cloud – AWS

  • Data Visualization,Data Analytics, Plugins, Import & Export.

Benefits of IoT Course

  • Get hands-on experience on Industrial hardware & Software
    Build your own IoT product Analysis
    Participation cirtificate from RuggedBoard Group.

Workshop Prerequisites from participants

  • 1. Basic Knowledge of C-Programming .
    2. Basic Electronics.
    3. Microprocessor and Microcontroller knowledge.
    4. Python (optional)

Training Schedule & Location

Date: Follow the "Upcoming Events" page in the RB Community site.
Duration: 1 Year
Location: On your premises


Lifetime Support will be provided through ruggedBOARD official forum page.

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