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“Grab Job Opportunities In Core 

Embedded Industries”

Nowadays finding the right job in Embedded Industries is like searching a needle from a needle stack. But, RuggedBoard makes your path easy to grab Job Opportunities in Embedded Industries like ST,Microchip,ARM,KPIT,SASKEN,Infosys,PHYTEC,NXP,Intel,BOSCH and more

Explore the industries, applications & Job opportunities in the field of Industrial IoT & AI/ML, how to start earning using your skills much before you join any JOB.

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How this session can help?

  •  It helps you to Understand about Industry verticals & how their job profile can align

  • List of Companies in INDIA from each of this industry Vertical

  •  What are the Applications, Products or Solutions build by these companies?

  • Technologies used by these companies for their products & solution development

  • What skill required to develop similar Applications, Products or Solutions?

Embedded Ecosystem

How you can become a member of rapidly growing Electronic Design & Manufacturing ECO-System in India?

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PHYTEC in partnership with silicon Industry Leaders has taken initiative to enable Electronic Design & Manufacturing ECO-System in India. We believe the digital transformation to happen when your domain knowledge is connected with the technical expertise from Industry Experts. Electronics manufacturing in India has been growing quite significantly to overcome the effect from Chinese know more...