This would be a unique training offering to student which not only build basic skills but also connect and enable them. Our Industry partners sponsor to support students for working on their products & technologies and also helps them to have special skills required to fit into the current market demand.

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Benefits Attending this program

  • 100% Job Guarantee

  • Industry Standard training

  • Industrial Grade HW Kit

  • Industry Engagement for project

  • Enhance earning capability

  • Innovations and patents leading to Entrepreneur.

Training Highlights

  • Learn through Practical’s.

  • Work on Latest ARM Cortex Processors A5/A7/A8/A9/A15/A17/35/53/55/72

  • Open Source Projects Development

  • Assured Post Training Support

  • Unlimited Access to the Hardware Boards vLAB

  • Lifetime access to LMS eLinux Module

  • Bi-Weekly Interaction with Industry Guru’s

Training contents in details


Embedded C programing  

  • Basic C Brush Up(Datatypes,Functions,Arrays,Strings,Pointers,file handling ..)

  • Advance C Programming

  • Hardware Programming

  • Interfacing Hardware Modules 


ARM  MCU Programming

  • ARM Processor

  • MCU Programming on ARM7 / Cortex-M0 / Cortex-M3 (GPIO, UART, RTC, I2C)

  • Device Interfacing (GSM, GPS, Bluetooth, ZigBee, WiFi....)

  • Projects (Home Automation, Industrial Automation.....)


Linux Internals

  • Linux Intro & Installation

  • Linux Shell Commands

  • Shell Scripting 

  • C Programming in Linux 

  • Make Files 

  • Process Management

  • File Operation

  • Signals

  • Linux Scheduler & Memory Management 

  • Linux Multi-Threading Programming

  • Inter Process Communication

  • Network Programming in Linux


eLinux Porting 

  • Introduction, Setup & Hardware

  • Toolchain & Hardware Practical’s

  • RuggedBoard schematic and peripheral understanding 

  • Bootloader U-Boot

  • U-Boot Porting

  • Customizing Bootloader

  • Linux Kernel

  • Kernel Porting & Compilation

  • Kernel Modification

  • Root File System

  • Embedded Application Development


Linux Device Drivers

  • Introduction and Arch of Linux Device Drivers

  • Kernel Module Programming

  • Character Device Drivers

  • Interrupts in Device Driver

  • Interrupt Handling & Bottom Half

  • Special File Systems ProcFS & SysFS

  • LDDM (Linux Device Driver Model )

  • Board FIle

  • Device Tree

  • Advance Device Drivers



  • Yocto Architecture

  • Recipes defines everything in Yocto

  • Layers makes Yocto Modular & Structured

  • Adding new Hardware support using BSP Layers

  • Custom Distribution & Images

  • Creating SDK using Yocto for Application Development

Training Schedule & Location

  • Course Duration: 9 Months (4 Months Training + 5 Months Project work)

  • Time: 2 Hours daily

  • Location: Online And Offline Classroom


  • C-programing

  • Basic Electronics

Post training

 Work on Open source project with our developers/customers, to build your Embedded Engineering profile leading to your new Embedded  Job/Project. Also get dedicated mentor to get guide for your Embedded Project by registering our "eLinux Club".