Internship program


                                                            Firmware development

Duration: 4 Months

Training & Hardware
cost : Rs. 20,000*

support: Lifetime

* 18% GST will be added

This would be a unique training offering to the student which not only build their basic skills in the first 4 months but also connect and enable them to earn from 5th month using their skills.

Our Industry partners sponsor AES to support students for working on their products & technologies and also helps them to have special skills required to fit into the current market demand.

Benefits Attending this program

  • Industry Standard training

  • Industrial Grade HW Kit

  • Industry Engagement for project

  • Freelancing opportunities on Embedded Projects

  • Enhance earning capability

  • Innovations and patents leading to Entrepreneur.

Content outlines

training contents in details


Advanced C programing  & Orientation 

  • Basic C Brush Up(Datatypes,Functions,Arrays,Strings,Pointers,file handling ..)

  • Bitwise Operators, Typecasting, Bitfields. 

  • Function with Arrays, Function pointers.

  • Command Line Arguments.

  • Structure with bitfields(Structure pading).

  • Storage classes(internal Linkage & External Linkage). 

  • GNU project C and C++ compiler introduction 

  • Compiler, Assembler, Linker

  • Code Optimization techniques,Volatile, #pragma

  • Python Basics  and usage of Libraries 


ARM  Programing & Device Interfacing

  • Microprocessor vs Microcontroller

  • CISC vs RISC

  • Arm Processor Cores  Overview(A/R/M)

  • Cortex-M (Armv7-M) Processor Architecture

  • Internals of  STM32 Microcontroller Hardware

  • Get Familiar With TIMERS, Interrupts / NVIC / EXTI & Inter-Module Signaling / DMA

  • GPIO Programming 

  • Interface Various Display Units (7-Segments, Alphanumeric LCD, OLED, TFT, etc)

  • Interface Various Input Units (Buttons, Rotary Encoders, Keypad, TouchPADs, etc)

  • Serial Communication Via UART / SPI / I2C /ADC/PWM/RTC

  • Interface Various Sensors & Modules ( Temperature, Accelerometer, Gyro, GPS, Humidity,Pressure,Zigbee, NFC, BLE,6Lowpan,LoRa.. etc)


Linux-System Programing 

  • Linux Basic Commands,Linux Boot-Process,Linux-Filesystem 

  • GNU Compiler distributions, Makefile

  • Shell Scripting 

  • Libraries-Development 

  • Process management, address space 

  • Process creation calls (fork,vfork,execv)

  • Interprocess Processes Communication(Sys-v3&v5)  & Signals 

  • Linux-Socket Programing 

  • Debugging Techniques using GDB & valgrind other tools .


Embedded Linux  & Porting (Building Gateway)

  • Embedded Linux Architecture & Core-Components 

  • ARM-Toolchain Basics and How to create toolchain 

  • RuggedBoard schematic and pheripheral understanding 

  • Boot-Loader Basics(U-Boot,BareBox)

  • Customise Boot-Loader with new commands   

  • Porting bootloader specific to ARM hardware(RuggedBoard)

  • Linux kernel Directory Structure code flow 

  • Linux kernel configuration, porting specific to ARM hardware and compilation 

  • Introduction to root filesystem and it’s optimization 

  • Pinmuxing for given peripherals and writing board file for new hardware

  • Build system usage and adding new packages to build images (buildroot, Yocto)

  • elinux App programing – GPIO,UART,I2C,ADC,PWM


Internet of  Things & Industry – 4.0

  • Introduction to Internet of Things

  • IoT-Wireless Network Protocols – BLE,6Lowpan,LoRa

  • Cloud communication protocols-IBM Bluemix,AWS,Azure.

  • Design and Develop End-to-End product on IoT Solutions 


Projects Demonstrations

  • Water Planting project   (Reference  )

  • Home Automation Project using WiFi Based Smart Switch.

Training Schedule & Location

  • Date: Contact us to know the batch starting date

  • Time: 2 Hours daily

  • Location: Online Classroom


  • C-programing

  • Microcontroller Architecture

  • Basic Electronics


Support will be provided through RuggedBoard official forum page.

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