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Centre Of Excellence


Universities & Training Institutes are the building centres for Skill INDIA Program by training their Faculties & Trainers. With the dawn of a new era, Smarter and Efficient companies need access to realtime operational data via connected machines. To be competitive in the world market, the manufacturing sector needs Industry 4.0 ready solutions, and move towards additive manufacturing. For automating, manufacturing segment requires end-to-end knowledge of embedded systems, mobile applications and cloud computing.


"Center of Excellence" training program Introduces "Skill INDIA" Program to the upcoming Engineers of our nation by training them over a period of 3 to 6 months under "Industrial Product development training program."

Duration: 1 Year

support: lifetime

training contents

Module 1

IoT Arch, Linux Intro & Python Programming

Detail discussion on Training structure and TID process

  • Walk through entire training plan for 12 Weeks,

  • The objective of each phase of TID process ( Training, Integration & Development, Deployment & Maintenance)

  • Define IoT,

  • IoT Applications and Use cases w.r.t Verticals

Basics of IoT & Detailed Arch

  • Big Picture of IoT Architecture

  • How data flows from Sensor to Cloud to DA/ML to User

  • All about sensors and their types

  • MCU and MPU Hardware Boards as Sensor Nodes, IoT Gateways & Edge Computing devices

  • Different programming Languages used in IoT

  • Wireless technologies overview ( RF, Zigbee, 6LoWPAN, BLE, Wifi, Sub-1Gig, LoRA, SigFox, Cellular 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, Cat-M, NbIOT )

  • Cloud Server, communication protocols and Frameworks

  • User Applications and Frameworks

A quick refresh of Basic Electronics

  • Define and understand the usage of basic electronic components

  • Some DIY projects references

Linux Basics

  • Introduction to Linux and shell commands

  • Basic commands for Network and Disk Management

  • Compiling C program and executing in Linux

PYTHON Programming

  • Why Python programming Language

  • Working with Variables in Python

  • Numeric Operations in Python

  • Python Compound Statements

  • Python String Types

  • Python's Tuples

  • Python's Lists

  • Creating Python Functions

  • Classes and Objects

  • Networking Programming

  • Multi-threaded Programming

  • Modules and Packages

  • Popular Python libraries and their usage

  • Database access (MySQL/SQLite)

  • Handling JSON and XML data formats

  • Assignments & What next in PYTHON

Module 2

Device & Cloud Programming

Introduction to Embedded Linux System Arch

  • Embedded Linux System Arch

  • Building blocks of Embedded Systems

  • Hardware Intro ( ARM Arc, Cores, SOCs, SOMs & SBCs )

  • HW Interfacing protocols ( GPIO, UART-RS232/RS485, I2C, SPI, SDIO, USB, Ethernet, CAN, Display: RGB, LVDS, MIPI

  • Details of Industrial Pico Computer

Board Bring-up

  • Playing around with Bootloader, Kernel, RootFS, Toolchain

  • Using TFTP and NFS Server

  • Cross-compiling C applications and testing on Pico Board.

GPIO programming

  • GPIO Subsystem of Linux

  • Programming LED, Relays

  • Sensor Interfacing

  • Proximity Sensor, PIR Sensor, LDR Sensor and other Digital Sensors

Gateway & Cloud Programming

  • Basic methods of Cloud communication protocols Pub/Sub, Client-Server

  • Application layer protocols HTTP/MQTT/XMPP/CoAP

  • Cloud communication protocols ( HTTP, MQTT, CoAP )Use of these protocols for Cloud communication

  • Control device from Cloud using MQTTAdvantages / disadvantages of protocols

  • Basics of pairing device to an Access point

  • Setting up of client on the device

  • Basics of databases and setting up database

  • Read status of the device from Cloud using MQTT

  • Storing data in cloud MongoDB

User Client Application

  • Web / Mobile app to access and control the device implementing JSON objects on the device

  • Integrating device to the endpoint

  • Ensuring data transfer

  • Ensuring streaming data application

Field Device Interfacing

  • How to get data from Filed Machinery / Devices like Energy Meter, CNC, PLC, etc

  • RS232, RS485

  • Modbus protocol

  • Programming Filed devices over Ethernet, Wifi and CAN

  • PLC interfacing with PicoBoard using OPC-UA

Module 3

 IoT Wireless Communication Programming

BLE ( Bluetooth Low Energy )

  • Basics of BLE

  • Designing BLE based Sensor and BLE Beacons

  • Designing BLE device Controllers

  • BLE Gateway Programming

  • Android App

Zigbee & LoRA

  • Understanding Zigbee and programming

  • Understanding LoRA and programming

Cellular Connectivity & GPS

  • How to use 2G/3G/4G-LTE/NbIoT/Cat-M for data connection

  • How to programming GPS

Module 4

Mini Project

Home/ Industrial Automation Project

  • Hardware programming of the Kit

  • Cloud & Mobile App development

  • Use-case Home Automation & Plant watering

Module 5

Main Project Development

  • Project Design and basic Sensor Programming

  • Business Logic development and Modules Programming

  • Complete System Integration

  • Unit Testing and System Testing

  • Mechanical and Deployment

  • Installation and Testing

  • Filed Testing

  • Bug Fixing and System Stability


  • Training Faculties and Trainers to train the students. 

  • One year of support to conduct and run training. 

  • Lab Setup with 20 hardware Kits. 

  • Conducting 40 Hours x 4 i.e. 160 Hours onsite training and workshops with industry applications covering Industry- 4.0, Smart Transportation, Smart Energy, Smart Agriculture, Smart Healthcare & Smart Retail

Training Schedule & Location

Date: Follow the "Upcoming Events" page in the RB Community site.
Duration: 1 Year
Location: On your premises


Lifetime Support will be provided through ruggedBOARD official forum page.

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