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Free Workshop
Introducing industrial grade SBC

Duration: 5 Hours

support: Online

Automating manufacturing segment requires end-to-end knowledge of embedded systems, mobile applications, and cloud computing. This boot camp is a Short term training program Introducing "Skill INDIA" Program

training contents

Linux Basics

  • Introduction to Internet of Things

  • Applications of IoT in various verticales

  • IoT Archetechure and building blocks

  • How to build IoT – Product

  • Hardware /Software requirements of IoT Product Development

  • IoT – Wireless Network protocols

PYTHON Programming

  • Why Python programming Language

  • Working with Variables in Python

  • Numeric Operations in Python

  • Python Compound Statements

  • Python String Types

  • Python's Tuples

  • Python's Lists

  • Creating Python Functions

  • Classes and Objects

  • Networking Programming

  • Multi-threaded Programming

  • Modules and Packages

  • Popular Python libraries and their usage

  • Database access (MySQL/SQLite)

  • Handling JSON and XML data formats

  • Assignments & What next in PYTHON

Introduction to Embedded Linux Board Programming using MRAA & UPM

Embedded Linux System Arch:

  • Embedded Linux System Arch

  • Building blocks of Embedded Systems

  • Hardware Intro ( ARM Arc, Cores, SOCs, SOMs & SBCs )

  • HW Interfacing protocols ( GPIO, UART-RS232/RS485, I2C, SPI, SDIO, USB, Ethernet, CAN, Display: RGB, LVDS, MIPI )

  • Details of Industrial Pico Computer


Board Bring-up:

  • Playing around with Bootloader, Kernel, RootFS, Toolchain

  • Using TFTP and NFS Server

  • Cross-compiling C applications and testing on Pico Board.


GPIO programming:

  • GPIO Subsystem of Linux

  • Programming LED, Relays

  • Sensor Interfacing

  • Proximity Sensor, PIR Sensor, LDR Sensor and other Digital Sensors

Introduction to Gateway-Cloud programming

  • Basic methods of Cloud communication protocols Pub/Sub, Client-Server

  • Application layer protocols HTTP/MQTT/XMPP/CoAP

  • Cloud communication protocols ( HTTP, MQTT, CoAP )Use of these protocols for Cloud communication

  • Control devices from Cloud using MQTTAdvantages / disadvantages of protocols

  • Basics of pairing device to an Access point

  • Setting up of client on a device

  • Basics of databases and setting up database

  • Read status of the device from Cloud using MQTT

  • Storing data in cloud MongoDB


  • Water Planting project   (Reference  )

  • Home Automation Project using WiFi Based Smart Switch.

Training Schedule & Location

Date: Keep following our upcoming events page.

Time: 5 to 6 Hours

Location: You can request to Host on your premises


Support will be provided through RuggedBoard official forum page.

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